The Federation of Consultants
from Islamic Countries
The Federation of Consultants
from Islamic Countries


The Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC) was founded in 1986 in Istanbul under the patronage of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and hosted by Turkish Government with the participation of about 20 Countries from the Members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Consulting activity represents, especially for developing nations, a basic milestone for a healthy and sustainable development, based upon the values and cultural heritage of these nations. The activities and objectives of the FCIC, which are directly related to the consulting activity, have a direct impact on economic, social, cultural, health, urban and environmental domains. The Federation therefore does not only express nor represent the interests of a profession, but rather that of an activity that has deep roots in the existence of our nations and a major impact on our future. It was this background that the Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC) was founded. Since its establishment, the Federation aims at providing assistance in developing and improving the consulting profession in Islamic Countries by:-

  • Enhancing the standard of consulting services provided in the various fields.
  • Strengthening the bond between consultants and implementing mechanism for communication and experience transfer between them.
  • Providing information and necessary data about consultants and development projects available in the Islamic World and their funding resources.
  • Setting rules for preserving the code of ethics and the standard of the profession.
  • Arranging with international, regional, and local organizations, workshops and seminars dealing with problems of common interest in the Islamic Nations.

The FCIC receives moral and financial support from the IDB from the day it was founded. This support is granted by complete conviction from the IDB Presidency and staff of FCIC of the objectives and role of FCIC in the development programs of Islamic countries. This support represents a basic foundation for us to proceed with our course.

FCIC members currently has a strength of about 100 from 26 countries, representing leading consulting firms in their countries and in their regions. They have integrated experience and capabilities enabling them to provide all necessary consulting services for different projects. According to the Constitution of the FCIC, the membership of the FCIC is open to consulting firms having their headquarters in a member country of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Individual consultants can be admitted as Associate Members, while National Associations can be admitted as Honorary Members. There are certain subscription fees to be paid by Members in order to become full Members having all the rights accorded by the Constitution and receiving the Federation’s services. It is very important to clarify that the FCIC is not a profit-oriented organization and that subscription fees are used to partially cover the annual expenses of the Federation’s Secretariat, communications and direct services to members, for example:-

  • The FCIC has established a Projects Surveying Unit (PSU) responsible for collecting information on funded projects in the region and providing this information to the subscribed Members free of charge although this activity costs money and manpower.
  • Construction and maintenance of FCIC website and updating its information as well as Members database.
  • Arranging two seminars each year and inviting all FCIC Members to attend them without any participation fees. The FCIC even shares the cost of Members participation specially those coming from least developed members countries and small and medium consulting firms.

Members of the FCIC are grouped into 10 regions representing as much as possible the linguistic and geographical affiliation of member countries; a member in the Executive Committee represents each region. The FCIC is managed by an Executive Committee elected every two years and composed of nine members in addition to the Former President. Members of the Executive Committee members select one of themselves to be the President of the Federation.

The FCIC hopes that with the efforts of its Members, support from IDB and other international organizations that it will be able to achieve its objectives and work on the development of the consultancy profession in member countries with the belief that the consulting profession is a basic milestone for the sustainable development, especially in the developing countries.